Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I make a claim?

You can make a claim by calling our dedicated Claim Assessors on 0860 861 111 or by emailing us

2. How do I make a claim out of office hours?

You can contact us via our email address, Submit a claim within 30 days of the theft, loss or damage of your Huawei Device. Failure to comply with the above may result in your claim being delayed or repudiated.

3. My device is lost or stolen! What do I do?

In the event of a claim you must: Contact your Service Provider to report the device lost or stolen and obtain an ITC reference number. Report the theft to the police. Contact Huawei Care and inform us of the loss and provide us with the ITC and police case reference number.

4. My device is damaged! What should I do?

You should contact us during office hours and register your claim.
Email us We will then arrange for our Authorised Repair Centre to collect your device.

5. Claim Department

Telephone:0860 861 111

6. Unhappy with the outcome of your claim?

Please email our Complaints department at or call us on 0860 861 111 

7. What supporting information do I need to complete a claim on a stolen cell phone?

ID Number or Policy Number
Cell phone number
Police Case Number
Blacklist Reference Number

8. How do I update any personal information?

Contact our dedicated Customer Care agents at or call 0860 861 111 .

9. What does Huawei Care cover?

Huawei Care offers cover on portable devices such as laptops, tablets, cell phones and decoders.

10. Why do I need Huawei Care cover?

Most device warranties do not cover accidental damage or theft, which are the biggest hazards to our technological devices. Huawei Care offers comprehensive protection against accidental damage, theft and loss.

11. When does cover commence?

Your cover commences subject to the successful receipt of your first premium for the Lite and Pro products.